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Author Interview: Trisha Wolfe + GIVEAWAY of Unveiled!

Author Interview: Trisha Wolfe + GIVEAWAY of Unveiled!

I am so excited to have the author of Unveiled, Trisha Wolfe, on the blog today! As some of you know, I completely adored Unveiled (check out my review HERE!) So check out my interview with Trisha and the giveaway at the end!
First of all, I just wanted to say thank you for coming on the blog today, and for agreeing to do this interview! I’m very excited to have you featured today!
 I’m excited to be here! Love your blog, and thanks so much for having me!
I know you probably get this question all the time, but for the readers who have yet heard of you—can you tell us a little about yourself? Your likes, dislikes, when you first started writing, where do you write, etc…
Sure! I began writing at 14. After I read INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE by Anne Rice I knew that’s what I wanted to do. Write about vampires! Ha! Well, I have written about them. I think every writer has at some point. But no. I wanted to write stories that made people fall in love with the written word.
I write in my bed. I’m too uncomfortable in a desk and chair, so I pretty much lounge around all day when I’m in writer mode ;) And likes? Chocolate and Coke. That is all.
Your novelette, Unveiled, takes place in a Dystopian world. What made you want to write within that genre, and how did Unveiled come to be?
 I’ve always loved far away worlds or settings that were different than the here and now. That being said, I love Dystopian. I also love Utopian. Both are amazing, but I find Dystopia often has a very depressing feel, not that I don’t adore it, but I wanted to write one that also had the feel of a Utopia. Okay, now I’m just confusing myself lol. I basically meshed the two together and came up with Karm.
Unveiled has nothing but five star reviews on Amazon. Congratulations! Did you ever expect Unveiled to get such rave reviews? How does it make you feel?
Well, it has two four stars now! LOL. But, that’s still an amazing thing every time I look at GR and Amazon. Yes, I do read reviews. *Gasp* I think it’s important for first time authors to hear what their readers are saying. We need to grow even after we’re published, and the best way to do that is by paying attention to what our readers like and don’t like. Right now, it feels awesome! I’m so elated to see people enjoying these characters and the world of Karm. I’m still in the process of finishing the book, so it motivates me to get it done.
The cover art for Unveiled is gorgeous! Just saying!
 Aw, thank you! I heart it, too =)
According to, your next novel, Destiny's Fire, will be released next year, 2012, by Omnific Publishing. Can you tell us a little about Destiny’s Fire? What readers can expect?
Yes. It’s actually very different, in a sense, compared to UNVEILED. For one, it’s a mesh up between Steampunk and Paranormal. I don’t think I’ve ever written in just one genre lol. But the story is about seventeen-year-old Dez who’s part of a race of Kythan—shape-shifters—that used to guard the pharaohs of Egypt. Except in the year 2012, they’re power is no longer needed. They’re in a centuries-old war with another race of Kythan, the Narcolym, who basically forged the new world with their magic Flame, and everything is steam-powered. Dez is hiding a very serious secret, one that could not only endanger her, but her family and friends. She struggles to protect her guarded haven from the Narcos as they move in, as well as find her place in the world. There’s hot guys and kissing, too.
There’s this whole blub on GR’s ;)
So I hear you’re working on a novel to go along with Unveiled. Can you tell the fan-girl in all of us readers anything about that? *cough* Is Xander in it? *cough*
Ha! Yup, I’m working on it right now. And crossing my fingers it gets picked up. The novel is actually told from Zara’s point of view, and centers around Sebastian and Devlan, and is seen from life on the inside of Karm Castle. But yes, Xander and Fallon and the Rebels will be in it, though not till later in the story ;) I’m kind of wondering with two more guys coming into the mix, who will be the top guy. I’m partial to Devlan myself.
Why should someone read your books? Give us quick insight on what sets your books aside from others of its kind.
Oh wow, that’s a hard question lol. Um, hmm. Well, I’ll have to go with my tendency to genre mesh. I try to take the things I love from my favorite genres and combine them in a unique way, making new worlds to explore. With a little romance thrown in, of course.
I just want to wrap up this interview with something I like to call Five Question Dash. The idea is to learn more about you in five quick questions and answers. Let’s go!
How tall are you?
 4’ 11” EEP!
What is your favorite book?
 Can I pass? Lol Um, just one? The Hunger Games. 
Your favorite band?
 The Misfits (Great choice, Trish!)
If you could travel through time so you could witness any one event, what would it be?
 Easy. Ancient Egypt to witness the pyramids being built.
How do you feel about social networking, like Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Amazon, etc… has any of the above sites helped get your name and works out there? Also, how do you feel about book bloggers/reviewers? How has it been to get feedback on all of your hard work?
 I love social networking, probably more than I should lol. Not so much Facbook anymore, just because they keep changing it. I spend most of my time on Twitter and blogs.
And I love book bloggers! I’ve actually been book blogging for a year on my own blog. So I know, from experience, how much work goes into it. I respect what they do, and try to support the YA blogosphere as much as possible. You guys rock!
Thank you for your time, Trisha! Is there anything else you would like to say? Anything to your readers—a good place to contact/interact with you?
Thank you so much, Angel, for having me here! You ask some great questions! And thanks for all your support. Anyone can find me in all the places I lurk by visiting my website I have my Twitter there, YouTube, blog, email, etc. Thanks again!
I would just like to thank Trish once again, and tell all of you readers that you SHOULD really go get her book! It has to be on my top ten books on 2011 so far. Check it out! Here is the link to her Goodreads page, and the link to Amazon to buy Unveiled!
Now, on to the giveaway!
I (thanks to the wonderful Trisha) am giving you lovely people the chance to read the greatness that is Unveiled!  
Please fill out the Raffleopter form below and FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS! It is very important, and if you do not leave some of the information I ask for, you may not be entered. Just be a follower of the blog to enter, or follow the Raffleopter instructions to earn extra entries. The giveaway will run from today, 10/08/11 until 10/19/11. Must be 13 years or older to enter. Open internationally to anyone and everyone! Come on, come all! (Check out the All Time Low song--pretty good even though the band doesn't even like it!)
Good luck to everyone, and thank you to Trish once again! If you win, be sure to stop by Trish's blog and tell her thanks! 


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  3. This sounds and looks like such a good read :)

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