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Book Review: Brightest Kind of Darkness by P.T. Michelle!

Book Review: Brightest Kind of Darkness by P.T. Michelle!

Author: P.T. Michelle
Author Online: Twitter Website
Publisher: Patrice Michelle
Release Date: June 27, 2011
Format: Kindle Edition, 507 KB.
My Rating: 5/5
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How I Got It: I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 
Summary: (Taken from Goodreads) Nara Collins is an average sixteen-year-old, with one exception: every night she dreams the events of the following day. Due to an incident in her past, Nara avoids using her special gift to change fate…until she dreams a future she can’t ignore. After Nara prevents a bombing at Blue Ridge High, her ability to see the future starts to fade, while people at school are suddenly being injured at an unusually high rate. Grappling with her diminishing powers and the need to prevent another disaster, Nara meets Ethan Harris, a mysterious loner who seems to understand her better than anyone. Ethan and Nara forge an irresistible connection, but as their relationship heats up, so do her questions about his dark past.

My Review:
From the very first page, I was hooked. I loved Nara’s voice. She was the perfect heroine: Strong, witty, cool and kind—I loved her character. She had this need to protect the ones she loved and I really liked that about her. I loved reading from her point of view, and after reading so many YA books where the main character is physic or her powers come from magic—having Nara live her entire next day in her dreams was a breath of fresh air, and very original in the YA world.
Brightest Kind of Darkness is one of the first books of its kind that I have read, and I just have to say that it was amazing! It was original and well plotted; P.T. obviously knew where she was going with this story from the very first page, until the last line. The world that P.T. has created was beautiful and deadly, and I couldn’t get enough! I couldn’t put this one down! Every time I put my iPhone down (because I’m cool like that and only have the Kindle App) I picked it right back up, promising myself, just one more chapter. But it was never just one more chapter. This book had me reading well into the night, and I was always dying for more! Brightest Kind of Darkness is the kind of book that has you always on the edge of your seat, guessing at what is going to happen next, but never quite getting it right.
I loved the relationships in this novel, as well. Lainey, Nara’s best friend, annoyed me at times, but I never really disliked her. She was willing to take the side of mean girl Sophia, over her best friend since forever, Nara. But over the course of the book, Lainey gets better, and you can really see her character grow. I also loved Nara’s aunt Sage. I thought she was a great character and really added some spice to the already great story. And Ethan! Oh, Ethan! He was probably my favorite character, for sure. He was your simple bad-boy-who-really-isn’t-that-much-of-a-bad-boy, and I loved him.
He had this depth about him that had you always wanting to know more about him, and even though he was very mysterious, he never tried to keep Nara in the dark for very long, and he was always very open and gentle with her. 
I loved that Nara and Ethan actually got to know each other before anything too serious happened between them; their relationship was not the typical, ‘he likes me, I like him, lets do this!’ that I have been reading about all too much lately, so I would like to personally thank P.T. for creating such real and engaging characters.
Just like with Lainey, you can really see each character grow and develop as the story progresses, and each new plot point is met and carried on. You can’t help but to fall for every character worth falling for.
Over all, this is a great story of love, mystery, loss, gain, friendship, and adventure. I cannot wait for P.T.'s next novel!
Brightest Kind of Darkness will have you on the edge of your seat, fighting every need you may have, just to read one more page, and always dying for more. With great characters, a strong plotline, and a never-ending supply of action—this novel is the perfect read, and will have you questioning everything from, “What will happen next?” to, “Just how far you would go to keep the ones you love most, safe?”
“But not touching you would be the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.” –Brightest Kind of Darkness.


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    I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful review of BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNSS here too! :)


  2. Awesome! I plan to read this in the next week I've been hearing nothing but great reviews so far so I'm looking forward to it. Great review!

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  3. Sounds like a real page-turner. I like the idea that Nara has to deal with diminishing powers. Seems like a really fresh twist on the extra power theme.