Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Book Review: inkBLOT by Johnson Naigle + GIVEAWAY!

Book Review: inkBLOT by Johnson Naigle + GIVEAWAY!

Author: Johnson Naigle
Author(s) Online: (Phyllis Johnson:) Twitter Website (Nancy Naigle:) Website Twitter
Publisher: Crossroads
Release Date: July 21, 2011 
Format: Paperback: 272 
My Rating: 5/5  
Summary: (Taken from Goodreads) Eighteen-year-old web entrepreneur Ronnie Wright owns the virally popular website, inkBLOT. Determined to sweep local newspaper reporter, Chelsea Pressman, off her feet, he tries to wow her with his internet success. Chelsea has one goal, making it big as a reporter. Unfortunately the editor isn’t tossing any good stories her way. But her luck changes and she is first in line to cover a string of bizarre crimes. The notoriety she’s gaining from the front-page stories is addictive. The police finally trace the crimes to a common link – inkBLOT. Now, Ronnie has to clear his name as the number one suspect in Chelsea’s headline crimes.
My Review:

inkBLOT was truly a suspense novel. From the very first page, it has your thoughts racing, your eyes scanning the words, trying to figure out just what is going on. On the first page of inkBLOT, you meet Ronnie Wright—an 18 year old entrepreneur who, with the help of his best friend Tiffany, owns the online website, inkBLOT.
I will be honest: at first, I did not like any of the characters in this book. Namely, Chelsea Pressman, who had to be one of the pettiest characters I have ever read about; I kept waiting for the moment when Chelsea would redeem herself, and recognize her self-centered and single-minded ways. No luck there. For the first few chapters, Chelsea was a likeable enough character and you couldn’t help but feel for her—having a father who never so much as congratulates her on her hard work as a journalist. But as the story when on, and Chelsea and Ronnie met—I disliked her strongly. She was very manipulative and controlling, and her only thoughts regarding any one person were: “How can I use this person for my own personal gain?” and in turn, that made me dislike Ronnie, since he followed her around and did everything she said, though it was clear she was using him.
But as the story went on, I came to find why I felt that way toward the characters, and why they acted the way that they did, which made me like them a little more since I could finally see things from their perspective. Whether or not this was the author’s intention, they did a very good job of it, and I wouldn’t have liked it any other way.

inkBLOT starts off fast, getting right to the punch—and then it slows down, allowing you to get lost in the story—to try to solve crimes right along side Chelsea.
My only complain is that we never got to see as much of Tiffany as I would have liked. I know she wasn’t the main focus of this book, but it would have been nice to learn more about her. She was, along with Cat, my favorite character. But she really got her moment and came through for Ronnie toward the end of this book, and I loved that. Also, some of the dialogue was outdated, and the internal dialogue could have been better—but this is a YA debut, so for that, Johnson Naigle did a wonderful job.

While slow at some parts, inkBLOT will take right off again and you won’t know what hit you. This novel will constantly provoke curiosity from its readers—you will love the characters in one scene, and then dislike them in the next—you will question if these characters are who you have thought them to be—if they even know who they really are. And most of all: You will never see that ending coming.
So if you would like to read a smart, suspense mystery, with just a bit of romance—this is the novel for you. I do feel that this book would be better liked amongst an older audience—having not only older characters; Ronnie, (18) Chelsea, (21)—this novel just feels like it would be better appreciated of readers 18 and up, since I feel they would be able to relate to the characters better. So for readers age 13 to 18, I say this will probably be best given a Four Star rating. For readers 19 and older—it could quite easily be given Five Stars. Regardless of age, inkBLOT is a wonderful story of friendship, intelligence, and just how far someone will go to get the story of a lifetime.
 “Scars are like tattoos only with better stories.” –inkBLOT.
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  1. This book sounds really interesting. I am definitely a fan of suspenseful crime novels. The fact that this is YA is an even bigger plus in my book. I have been searching for something new and different in the genre and this one might fit the bill. Thanks for offering the chance to win a copy!