Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday Is a Recap (New Meme?)

Tuesday Is a Recap (New Meme?)

Hey, all! So today, I am sick. Really, and it sucks. But, on the bright side--there is still this awesome book trailer for The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin. Yes, a very nice trailer that is! :)

Also, I bought Mara Dyer and decided to take her to see one of the oldest English brick homes in America.
Yep. My dad and I decided to stop by the Adam Thoroughgood house in Virginia Beach, Virginia, since we were over there. You see, sometimes, just for the heck of it, my father and I like to pick a random day at any given time and just go somewhere in our home state of Virginia. It's great fun, and keeps life exciting.

Next, we were feeling pretty adventurous that day, so we decided to go see some very old, very cool lighthouses! Also in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
The Old Cape Henry Lighthouse was built in 1792. It started to crack in 1870 and was replaced with the new Cape Henry Lighthouse only 357 feet away, (I also took a picture in front of that one, but the wind was blowing, so not only did my hair get in my eyes and made me blink, but it made my hoodie look even puffier than in the above photo) which is an active aid to navigation and operated by the U.S. Coast Guard.
In early October, 1792, George Washington renewed his interest in the lighthouse and requested a list of applicants for the keeper. After review, Laban Goffigan, probably of Norfolk, became the first keeper to light the fish oil burning lamps of Cape Henry Lighthouse in late October.
Pretty cool stuff, huh? Try to remember all of that--you never know when you might need that information! Plus, it makes you look super smart to know that. You're welcome for your history lesson of the day. :P
Also, Mara (and me and my dad, obviously) had to undergo a military search, since The Cape Henry Lighthouse is located within Fort Story military base. Mara wasn't too happy about that.

And... since it was lunch time, my dad stopped at his office,  (inside joke) AKA, Dunkin' Donuts. He loves his Dunkin' Donuts. So for lunch, I had a wheat bagel with cream cheese, and my dad had a multigrain bagel--which, I wanted--but I'm nice like that, so I let him have it since it was the only one. :) But we did that before we saw the lighthouses, so I should have posted this up there... oh, well. Oh! I also got a pumpkin' muffin! It was great! :)

Then... we went to visit my grandmother, since she leaves on the beach (well, not ON the beach--she's not homeless!--her condo just sits on the beach).
So we stopped by there, and spoke with her for a bit, she paid me endless compliments--because that's what grandmothers do--and then we were on our way once again, right around sunset.
But, the sky and ocean was just so pretty that I couldn't help but take a picture, and this time, I took a picture with another book that I was reading at the time, by .

I also read and reviewed Unveiled by Trisha Wolfe. See my review by clicking HERE! 
Trisha will also be stopping by for an interview soon. I'll keep you guys posted!
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  1. Wow sounds like you had an adeventureous day. I love taking pictures when the skies are so pretty like that. I have a friend moving to Virgina at the end of the month. So I have a new place to go on Vacation. Sorry a little off topic.

  2. It was really fun! And that's awesome! Virginia is really great--at least, I love the part that I live in. I hope your friend likes it here! :)
    Haha, off topic comments are the best! :) Thanks for the comment!

  3. I adore lighthouses and Dunkin' Donuts.

    Great pictures. Looks like an adventurous time. :)