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Book Review: Blink by Lloyd Poast + Giveaway!

Book Review: Blink by Lloyd Poast + Giveaway!

Author: Lloyd Poast
Author Online: Goodreads
Publisher: Books to Go Now
Release Date: May 17, 2012
Format: PDF file: 12 pages. 
My Rating: 4.5/5  
Buy It: Amazon
Summary: (Taken from Goodreads) A teenage boy wanders into a mystical forest ruled by a gypsy goddess named Amaisia Moon. The forest changes with every blink or head turn and he discovers an ocean where dreams and nightmares literally come alive.

Blink was such an imaginative and vivid short story. It was full of danger, excitement, and fantasy.
It was great seeing and experiencing everything from the descriptive eyes of our hero, seventeen year old Lance, as his curiosity got the best of him and he wandered the eerie woods located in his small town of Angel Falls. But as Lance soon learns, the whispered stories of the forest weren’t just tall-tales, and with every blink of his eyes, his surroundings change, and Lance is in for one crazy roller-coaster ride when he finds himself lost in the never-ending labyrinth that is playground to the compellingly sinister Amaisia Moon.

I really enjoyed this one. Much more than I expected to, actually! Blink was such a thrilling and enchanting story, bursting at the seams with imagination and color—it’s also a very short story, holding its own at just 12 pages!

Mr. Poast did an amazing job not just telling us, but showing us everything this story has to offer. Filled with an interesting cast of characters, there was never a dull moment. I was lost in the mystical woods right beside Lance, and I experienced every twist and turn with him first hand.
Though I at times found it hard to relate to Lance, I still though he was an okay character and seemed like a nice guy. All of the other characters, I LOVED.
As Lance explores the woods, lost to everything besides the pounding of his heart and the occasional scream—he meets some of the most captivating characters I’ve ever read in a short story. The smart-mouthing eleven year old Shane, the confused and amusing biker Nail, the intriguing Chatterbox, and of course, the wicked top hat wearing Amaisia, ringleader of all things terrible and sure to send a chill down your spine. They were all characters that I longed to know more about, but felt completely satisfied with by stories end.

Mr. Poast has an amazing eye for description, and just the imagination to go along with it.
This story was creepy, captivating, magical, and one of a kind. It goes without saying that I wish it were a full length novel!

 If you’re looking for something not at all time consuming, full of action, adventure, fantasy and thrill—look no further. Blink is the perfect October read that will leave you thinking about it long after you’ve read the last page, and wondering just what will become of all these characters that you can’t help but be fond of.
 "Don’t look over your shoulder,
Don’t look in the sky
the ocean is a stranger,
the sun is a lie." -Blink

Mr. Poast has been generous enough to donate three copies of Blink for a giveaway!
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