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Book Review: Moonglass by Jessi Kirby!

Book Review: Moonglass by Jessi Kirby!

Author: Jessi Kirby
Author Online: Twitter Website  
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers
Release Date: May 3rd, 2011
Format: Hardcover: 240 
My Rating: 5/5  

Summary: (Taken from Goodreads) Anna's life is upended when her father accepts a job transfer the summer before her junior year. It's bad enough that she has to leave her friends and her life behind, but her dad is moving them to the beach where her parents first met and fell in love- a place awash in memories that Anna would just as soon leave under the surface. While life on the beach is pretty great, with ocean views and one adorable lifeguard in particular, there are also family secrets that were buried along the shore years ago. And the ebb and flow of the ocean's tide means that nothing- not the sea glass that she collects on the sand and not the truths behind Anna's mother's death- stays buried forever.

Moonglass was a wonderful, beautifully written, and all together heartbreaking book.
 Anna was such a complex character that at times, she felt a little too real to me, and I love when that happens!
Before reading Moonglass, I had heard from other bloggers and reviewers how amazing Jessi Kirby’s writing is, and how power Moonglass was going to be. I went into this book prepared to love it, and I did. I fell in love with all of the characters, the beach that is Anna’s home, and the whole story all together.

I loved Anna’s relationship with her father. From the moment that we first find Anna and her father face-to-face, you can see that he cares about her very much, even when she isn’t the nicest person to him for having moved her from her friends, her school, and her home. Over time, we come to learn that Anna’s relationship with her father isn’t perfect, but far from strained. I really liked that Kirby kept things so realistic and true to human emotion.

While reading about Anna’s story, my heart was full and heavy. With guilt, confusion, pain, anger and love—I felt like I was inside the story, feeling everything Anna felt, and it took my breath away. That happens to me very little, so I was blown away.
Kirby's writing style is simply beautiful and wise--never dull and always gripping. I felt I was on every page, in the story with Anna and walking on the beach, collecting 'moonglass' and watching the sunset.
 I related to Anna very well, and, as I have said above, felt her emotions easily.
She still carried the pain of her mother’s death with her, even after nine years. She went through one day at a time, and never let it get the best of her. I really admired her for that.

This truly is a coming of age story; over the course of the book, you can see Anna transform from this semi-bitter girl who really has no idea where she is going with her life, become this amazing young woman who is just searching for the answers to all of her deepest, darkest questions and trying to overcome all of them the best that she can.
All of the secondary characters were also great, and I always wanted to know more about them even though Kirby did a fantastic job of introducing them and giving us just enough back-story to feel satisfied, but always wanting more.

Moonglass is a novel unlike any other I have ever read. It is full of heart, love, pain, guilt, anger, loss, hope, and above all else; the ability to forgive.

Kirby is truly an amazing author and I cannot wait to get my hands on all of her future works. I hope to review her latest novel, In Honor, very soon.
Please check this book out. It’s worth every second of the read!
"I read once that water is a symbol for emotions. And for a while now, I've thought maybe my mother drowned in both." -Moonglass

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